bad boards
We don't sell $100 boards.
This is why.

At Lakeside we take pride in the fact that we use high-grade materials in the construction of our boards.

Want one? Since these boards are made to your specs, purchasing a set requires a little interaction between us and you. Click here if you have your own design or click one of the examples below (if you want it to be similar) and click the "Want a set like this?" link and shoot us an email . Tell us how you want your boards to look.
These boards are our original hand painted boards or "logo boards". If you don't need the detail or complexity of our wrapped boards or you're trying to keep costs down our Logo Boards are the way to go.  Don't be afraid to mix and match! If you like the color scheme from one set and the decal from another, let's stick'em together. Want to make it interesting? Make'em  Level-2 boards.
Lakeside Cornhole's got you hooked up! Wrapped boards represent almost unlimited possibilities as to what you can put on your boards. How about a picture of your significant other (No! I'm talking about your truck man!) That picture of you from our photo gallery with your underwear on your head. Your kids. Yeah, I know! Your brain's hurtin' with all the ideas. Good stuff! More examples coming!