Why the "peanut" shape?
Good! I see you're thinkin'. We shaped the hole that way to make it easier for the bag to fit in the hole. It's all about making the game a little more interesting.
Cornhole boards

Now before you get all pissy about it, think about it for minute. It brings the difficulty level up a bit. Think sand trap in golf. We didn't want to change too much. We just wanted to give it a little kick. 

Accuracy is the name of the game here. Put a bag in the "penalty hole" and you lose a point. You'll also have to modify your slide as well. We just thought it would be great to have another way to play the game especially for those who play well.

NO! Level-2 is not recognized by the ACA. But we're rebels here at Lakeside Cornhole. We have a problem with authority.

bag handler
no bags