Blue Collar Cornhole Tour
Welcome to Lakeside Cornhole's "Blue Collar Cornhole Tour." We just thought you people out there would like to see who's playin' this game called collar style. This is "grassroots" cornhole at it's finest! From time-to-time Lakeside Cornhole will be dropping in on different cornhole hopspots around the area. This week the "Tour" made a stop at Dave's house. That's right...just Dave's house! We had everything you need  - a back yard (or front yard in this case), beer, cornhole boards, cornhole bags, good people and most importantly ANT KILLER (we recommend Ortho Home Defense). Optional is a "project car" to use as a table. We used Dave's vintage Buick which had one helluva stereo system. Anyway, here's a few pics from the festivities. Enjoy!
Sat-11/14/2009 Orlando - Blue Collar Conrhole Tour - Dave's House